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UMNO Illegal Gatherings!

Monday, August 3, 2009


UMNO Was Born Out of Demonstrations / Illegal Gatherings (With Pictures)

I just cannot believe my ears when I watched TV3 and TVI news yesterday. They had strings of UMNO leaders, past and present, condemning the anti-ISA gathering last Saturday.

The biggest blunder came from our own, Dr Mahathir Mohd. He says that the culture of illegal gathering is the culture of Anwar Ibrahim and not of Malaysian. Maybe he forgot that UMNO itself was born out of illegal gatherings. Refer to the picture above.

Najib says that the ISA protest is an inconvenience. I bet the British said the same thing too when Malays came out in numbers protesting against Malayan Union back in 1946 in various illegal gatherings throughout the country.


Funny, because in major cities around the world, i.e. London, New York, Paris, Amsterdam etc, protests are a normal scene and yet none of the major leaders of the world had characterized these gatherings as being an inconvenience.

UMNO leaders are history blind and hypocritical. When UMNO people organized racists gathering bordering on sedition, never was UMNO people arrested or prevented from organizing their rallies.

Aziz Sheikh Fadzir should have been arrested under ISA long time ago and charged under the Sedition Act. Yet, we see Aziz free to contest as UMNO candidate in Kulim Bandar Baru ( although he lost).
Najib organized a seditious gathering in Stadium TPCA back in 1987. Yet, Najib was never arrested. Instead, leaders which has absolutely nothing to do with the gathering was arrested in large numbers.

Najib and a few MCA leaders were given a holiday in Australia to cool down while numerous opposition leaders suffered under the ISA interrogation and solitary confinement.
Clearly, ISA is a tool to serve UMNO. And whatever is inconvenient to UMNO is inconvenient to the current practice of corruption and money grabbing among UMNO leaders.
So, I call upon every Malaysians to see this deliberate memory lapse of UMNO leaders in their condemnation of the ISA protest. If UMNO leaders wanted to protest the ISA demonstration, then they must also condemn the 1946 anti Malayan Union protest as well, because clearly the 1946 protests were illegal protests and has no permits from the authorities. Plus it was a nuisance for the British.

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