Friday, July 2, 2010

Malaysians ???

Malaysian Jokes

 How the 3 races buy a car...
Chinese will ask: Boss ah, resale value good or not?
Malay will ask: Encik, minyak dia satu tank bape ringgit?
Indians will ask: Inche, ini kereta brapa orang buleh masuk?

What does CIMB bank stand for?
Cina India Melayu Bank
When Hari Raya comes close to Chinese New Year, they call it 'Kongsi Raya'
When Hari Raya comes close to Deepavali, they call it 'Deeparaya'
When Chinese New Year comes close to Deepavali, they call it 'Kongsi Gelap'
Q : Why cant the indians win the world cup?
A: Every time they get a corner,they set up a mamak stall. 
Dating Malay, Chinese, and Indian chicks.
Malay girl
1st date: You get to hold hands
2nd date: You get a goodbye kiss.
3rd date: You both get caught by JAIS.

Chinese girl
1st date: You take her to a restaurant.
2nd date: You take her to an expensive restaurant.
3rd date: You take her to a very expensive restaurant and buy her a diamond necklace. You get to hold her hand later that night.

Indian girl
1st date: You meet her parents.
2nd date: She meets your parents.
3rd date: Wedding night.
Chinese  "practice" for Simple Living :
1 - One Wife
2 - Two Children
3 - Three Bedroom Condo
4 - Four Wheels
5 - Five Figure Salary

Malays "practice" to Simple Living:
5 - Five Children
4 - Four Wives
3 - Three Figure Salary
2 - Two Wheels
1 - One-Storey Link House  
In Malaysia...
If you're not lazy, you're not Malay,
If you're not greedy, you're not Chinese,
If you don't get drunk every night, you're not Indian~~~

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