Sunday, May 10, 2009

Johor Malaysia Naked! No Komen?

Survivor Robinson Ekspeditionen

Forget about the reality series of Survivor because now the Danish has come out with something which is far more crazy than the original one.


Survivor Robinson Ekspeditionen.

What's interesting about this show is the fact that it is happening just right in our island off Mersing.Bare naked on Johor isle (taken from thestar online)
AN ISLAND off Mersing in Johor has become a hot spot after it was used as the location for a European reality show, which had its participants running stark naked. Scenes from the Survivor Robinson Ekspeditionen programme, which had been broadcast over TV3 in Denmark, were published on an online newspaper

A reader with family ties to Malaysia alerted Harian Metro about the programe. In the scenes, both men and women were seen running along a sandy beach without a stitch on.The Danish national who e-mailed the images to Metro said he was surprised that the Malaysian authorities had allowed the filming although the show was soft porn. It is believed that this was the first time the programme had made 16 out of its 22 participants strip naked for the run while five others got to keep their underwear on.

It is also understood that a woman who refused to strip was kicked out of the show and sent home to Denmark. An official at the Mersing District Council said it had only allowed the filming after telling the producers that they could not have naked scenes on the island as it might offend local residents.

“The filming was originally scheduled at Pulau Besar for this and next month before moving to other islands,” he said.
Click HERE for more pictures gallery from the reality show.
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