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Allah has 99 names

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written by snipersnake, March 02, 2009 10:54:14

In Islam, we have 5 pillars that we Muslims stand by.
1 Shahadah
2 Solat 5 times a day
3 Zakat
4 Fasting during Ramadan
5 Hajj
The first part of the pillar is extremely important. This is because, without it, the other four is quite useless. Its the Shahadah.
Shahadah means to accept Allah as the God that we have to worship and Muhammad saw is His Messenger. It is so important, that anyone who wants to convert to Islam has to recite it. Ok, I think I made my point there.
Is shahadah, which of Allah's name is mentioned?
“There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad (SAW) is his messenger.”
You see any other word that Allah there?
Thats right, only Allah is present there. That means, this word is extremely important. It is because it gives the clear picture that 'Allah' is the God that Muslims worship.
Then, how do you recite your niat to perform Solat?
"Usolli fardhon .......... ........... lillahitaala"
Any other word reffreing to Allah there? FYI, lillah means in Arabic, because of Allah..
Same with Zakat. Whats the niat when you pay your zakat??
Same case with fasting, and Hajj. Whats the niat of those two other pillars?
All of them contains the word Allah. That shows that the word 'Allah' is extremely important for a Muslim.
The other 98 names, are more to His divine attribute. Why they shouldnt be bannd for usage? I am sure you have a friend whose name is Rahman, Latif, Ghafar (even though they should have the word Abdul (slave) in front of their name). But do you have a friend whose name is simply Allah?

Allah knows best

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