Monday, April 27, 2009

Mat Rempit Terrorist!

Fear and loathing of Mat Rempit
Pedigree!!! Pedigree!!! Mah Gawd Mah Gawd!!!

(THE STAR) - Many people detest the Mat Rempit because of crimes associated with this group of bikers, and people are now incensed as they are getting more brazen.

Just last Thursday, some 20 Mat Rempit surrounded Kattryn Eng’s 23-year-old daughter, who is deaf and mute, at a petrol kiosk in Subang Jaya at 7am.

They slapped and kicked her daughter before running off with her bag, in the presence of other patrons and attendants.

“My daughter could not even call for help. I am really devastated that such an incident could happen. When my husband brought my daughter to the police station, there were two other parties making similar reports,” said Eng, 57, a travel agent. (Read Eng’s account in the letters page – N30.)

She considers the Mat Rempit a “dangerous nuisance” and insisted that police act before this group became even more daring.

Student T. Selvesvaran, 21, encountered a group of 20 Mat Rempit in Shah Alam six months ago.

“I was sending my friend home. While we were talking in the car, a man on a bike rode past. We thought nothing of it until a few minutes later, when he returned and shouted at me kau keluar sekarang! kalau tak, kau tengok! (come out now or else),” said Selvesvaran.

He immediately started his car to drive away and while doing so, grew alarmed as some 20 motorcyclists joined the man.

They began to hurl rocks as they chased after him.

Selvesvaran drove away as fast as he could and was thankful the Mat Rempit stopped giving chase after a while.

He did not report the matter to the police because he was fearful of retaliation by the group.

Business development executive Daniel Tan, 28, no longer parks by the roadside after encountering a group of menacing Mat Rempit two years ago.

“I parked my car at Old Klang Road early in the morning and got out for some fresh air after a night out with friends.

“A group of six men then approached the car. I thought they wanted to help me, but instead they attacked me without warning.”

One of them hit him on the head with a helmet while the rest started kicking him once he fell.

He added that the Mat Rempit even attempted to steal his car but failed when one of his friends, who was asleep in the car, woke up and fought back.

Tan quickly got into the car and drove away. The motorcyclists chased them for a while before giving up.

Tan needed seven stitches on the head. However, he did not lodge a police report because he doubted the police could do much.

Other recent cases of Mat Rempit attacks include the assault on a Filipina in Kelana Jaya by 15 rogue bikers and another in Kuala Lumpur where at least 40 of them attacked a housewife and her son.

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