Friday, April 10, 2009

Rafa destroys Liverpool!

Serbegeth "Shebby" Singh is one of the most recognisable, listened to and watched football pundits on television in Asia. As a player, Shebby won everything there was to win in Malaysian football.


April10 — That should really be the headline, after Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez once again laid out tactics that baffled everyone watching the match. It certainly was Rafa at his best, completely doing the opposite to what should be set in stone.

The zonal marking from corner kicks can be employed if you are playing the local pub team but to see it employed, and fail, at the Champions League level is both mindboggling and nauseating.

Yes, Liverpool were not at their best but to give away such stupid and cheap goals surely takes the cake and do we wonder if Rafa actually watches football or thinks about it.

I often get the feeling that he is never sure if he is really a top coach or just a fat Spanish waiter. Well, it certainly looked like the tactics were chosen by the latter — with humblest apologies to all the very kind and nice people who serve tables, Spanish or otherwise.

By the way, the best midfielder in the world came up against some man-to-man marking and has never been seen since. The Liverpool police at lunchtime still could not issue a statement as to Steven Gerrard’s whereabouts.

RED 'N BURIED ... seven Liverpool players stand and watch as Branislav Ivanovic wheels away after scoring his second

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